November/December  2006 




Looking to have relaxing spa music lull you to sleep in your own home, or to counteract the tension of morning gridlock in your car? Want to purchase a special stocking stuffer for a spa-lover? Prescriptive Music ( produces private label CDs for spas, hotels and fitness centers including Spa Nordstrom – whose CD cases include a pocket for a gift card. They offer high-end graphics and packaging with quality recordings. Here are several examples of their clients and their spa-grade relaxation CDs:

Island House Spa at Longboat Key Club

The Island House Spa’s CD is a collection of beautiful solo piano pieces, each both relaxing and entertaining. The first track opens with the sounds of the surf. Romantic but never saccharine, this CD is at home in a massage or relaxation room, as intimate dinner music, or for quiet rainy afternoon listening.

Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

The Ritz-Carlton Spa’s CD, ‘Rest, Relax, Renew’, is a collection of eleven tracks by a variety of artists including beginning and ending pieces by Curtis Macdonald and his New Age/Nu-Jazz sound, and two pieces by pianist Bryan Pezzone. My personal favorite is ‘Bach’s Air’ by jazz pianist and composer Bill Cunliffe (8th track). The sixth track is hauntingly beautiful as well; ‘Dancer in the Light’ by Ron Clearfield. This CD offers a wide variety of spa tunes at different tempos, but all are pleasantly relaxing. A great outdoor (hammock music) or in-car listen as well.

The Ritz-Carlton Day Spa at Tysons Corner

The Ritz-Carlton, McLean, Virginia (serving the Washington D.C. vicinity.) boasts a day spa with an unusual CD compilation: one designed especially for expectant mothers entitled ‘Maternity Massage’. The package delivers exactly what it promises: it’s a “…music compilation specifically designed to allow for the most tranquil and serene environment possible.” Music selections feature guitar, harp, lilting vocals, flute, and piano with accompaniment. This is without a doubt the most consistently upbeat, happy spa CD I’ve heard, while still being slow, soothing and relaxing. It’s an excellent choice for massage room or yoga practice, as well as general relaxation music.

Spa Terre at Noble House Hotels and Resorts

Spa Terre’s CD includes four tracks, each approximately 14-15 minutes in length. With it’s spa menu including Thai and Indonesian bodywork, it’s no surprise the CD offers sounds with an eastern influence. Perfect for meditation or massage involving energy work, these are quiet, slow-paced selections that lull the listener into that deeply relaxing place between awake, aware and asleep – sometimes crossing over into the last. Massage therapists will note that the length is perfect for a 60-minute massage.




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