November/December  2006 



by Lillian Africano

“Xtreme Lashes is a makeover that doesn’t take much time--an hour more or less—but the transformation is pretty dramatic..”

I had read about them, heard about them – eyelash extensions that would fill out where Mother Nature had skimped. What a great idea, I thought. So when I met Eva Zacharias, Certified Lead Trainer for Xtreme Lashes at a recent industry event, when she invited me to have a “mini” eyelash extension, I jumped at the opportunity.

Xtreme Lashes is a makeover that doesn’t take much time--an hour more or less—but the transformation is pretty dramatic. I needed to start with clean lashes, said Ms. Zacharias. No problem; I wasn’t wearing mascara. And no contact lenses. I wasn’t wearing those either. So I stretched out on her table, closed my eyes and relaxed as Zacharias did her work, applying one lash at a time to my own, using the company’s trademarked bonding agent. The process is painless, and the lashes, I learned, were made from synthetic fiber that would look and feel natural.

I had always believed I had thin lashes, which only showed up when I used one of the thickening mascaras. No, Zacharias said, the lashes weren’t thin, but simply short—so she would not apply the ultra-long lashes she used on some clients, but rather some that were only slightly longer than my own. As she worked, she answered the questions I had about the semi-permanent extensions.

They could last up to two months (with “refills”). Natural lashes fall out every 60 to 90 days and then they are replaced with new ones. If an extension lash is anchored to one that falls, then they’ll both fall. So refills—touch-ups—are usually done every two to four weeks. And clients with blonde or highlighted hair can have subtle highlights added to their lashes; for redheads, a touch of auburn—and for the club kids, purple, green and blue are possible.

When I was finished, the mirror told me I wouldn’t be needing mascara for a while—but if I should wish it, I was to use only the specially formulated Xtreme Lashes type, water soluble and made especially for extensions—never waterproof mascara—and to apply it only to the lash tips.

What I had to remember—and this was hard because I often do it—was not to rub my eyes. Nor should I get the lashes wet for 12 hours (24 would be better) to allow them to dry. Also, I needed to avoid oil-based cleansers or lotions or eye makeup. In other words, care had to be taken--but how nice it was to see those lovely upwardly curling lashes when I looked in the mirror!

The price for the extensions runs between $250 and $600, depending on the location of salon and the length/thickness of the lashes. For more information, visit

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