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“For our youngest spa candidates, we like the Le Petit Prince line, a unique group of products—fragrance, hair care and skincare—aimed at boys and girls.”

AThis is the time of year when we look over our shopping lists and try to match up the names on it with some of the cool items we’ve come across in recent months. For our youngest spa candidates, we like the Le Petit Prince line, a unique group of products—fragrance, hair care and skincare—aimed at boys and girls. The line includes the Le Petit Prince Spray with Alcohol, a light fresh scent that incorporates citrus, cedar, tarragon and verbena; Le Petit Prince Shampoo, which is tear-free and has a vegetable base that cleans and protects the natural lipid layer of the scalp; and Le Petit Prince Body Lotion, which contains aloe vera, sweet almond and apricot oils to moisturize and nourish sensitive young skin.

prod-3-103Le Petit Prince

Based on the characters and story book of The Little Prince, written in 1943 by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the beautifully packed line (which includes the book) was produced in 1997 and is sold all over the world in children’s boutiques and fine department stores such as Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussman in Paris. In the United States, the line is distributed exclusively by BERJANGusa; check for retail outlets and online sales.

Chef Yossi

For all the cooks we know, we can’t think of a better line than the Chef Yossi products developed by the L.A. chef who has cooked for some of Hollywood’s elite. After years in the kitchen, Chef Yossi had yet to find a product that could eliminate kitchen odors from his hands. “There isn’t a product on the shelf that can get rid of food smells on your hands--and nothing I’ve found can restore and soothe your skin after cooking.”

The Chef Yossi Wine Crate Gift Set, which is sold only during the holiday season, solves those problems and others for both professional and amateur cooks. Included are: the Chef Yossi Hand Soap, which is anti-bacterial and contains patented odor-eliminators without drying the hands; the Chef Yossi Hand Moisturizer, a soothing shea butter-based lotion that complements the soap and leaves a clean fresh scent; Chef Yossi Towelettes, single anti-bacterial wipes infused with the odor eliminator; and Chef Yossi Burn Cream, a medicated, soothing antiseptic cream that treats and sanitizes minor kitchen burns, cuts or scrapes.

The Chef Yossi Wine Crate Gift Set is $80; for more information, visit

prod-3-3Shave Crave

The woman who travels will appreciate the Mini Shave Crave, a trio of mini jars of Pomegranate Shave Crave, Almond Save Crave and Lemongrass Shave Crave. Formulated especially for women’s shaving needs, these hypoallergenic products are made with essential oils that promote healing and natural ingredients that soothe the skin; they smell delicious.

All three incorporate a mild glycerin soap. The Pomegranate Shave Crave uses pomegranate oil, an antioxidant that protects from free radicals and repairs the skin; the Almond formula has almond oil, which is especially beneficial to dry or irritated skin; the Lemongrass is a natural stress reliever that aids in soothing muscle aches and easing stiff joints.

The Mini Shave Crave, priced at $32, is available at retailers worldwide and at

prod-3-4Esthetic Plus

At just 2 inches long, the Esthetic Plus Mini Tweezers make great stocking stuffers; they are compact enough to fit into wallets and purses, yet strong enough to remove unwanted facial hair. Handcrafted of stainless steel, they come with a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening service.

Esthetics Plus offers more than 25 models of tweezers, made in Italy and France and sold at beauty supply stores nationwide. The Mini Tweezers are priced at $8; for more information call:


With labs based in Saint-Malo, Brittany, in 30 years Phytomer has drawn extensively from the sea to build up a product line that covers 70 countries. You can buy products from their various lines: face care, body care, special products for men, anti-aging, etc., and their products are used in spas from Tunisia to Las Vegas including Canyon Ranch at the Venetian, Golden Door at The Boulders and the Sanctuary at Camelback.

Their silky, incredibly moisturizing nutrient cream called Nutricontinue is a real marine treasure. Sea Lavender Oil’s nourishing and regenerating properties are combined with Pheohydrane, an algae that has a protective membrane similar to human skin, and OligoMer, which provides trace elements and fortifies the epidermis. But you can forget all that; this is so rich and so effective in plumping and moisturizing skin, it should be illegal. It is absorbed almost instantly and the effects are visible immediately: dewy skin.

Check out


If you need a touch of gold to brighten your holiday season and warm your skin through the winter, look to Fleur’s, a French line that uses ingredients like roses and lotus to care for the skin. With choices for spas and consumers, the mineral based products to produce anything from a glow to a brilliant sheen on the skin and help your skin at the same time. With Fleur’s Golden Bath you can literally bathe in gold. Beneficial ingredients include detoxifying Artemisia Flower extract while you are soaking in calcium, magnesium, copper and iron. Mica particles produce yet more shimmer and skin emerges soft and silky as well as gold kissed.

The line’s Golden Body Scrub is very gentle and not only smoothes the rough edges but coats the skin with a softness that actually glows gold. Their SubliMagic, rich in Camelia Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil, actually leaves you with a shining (NOT greasy) skin. And illuminating Golden Powder Artemisia flower extract and mineral-based shimmer makes you look magical; we used it on the body and face for a subtle, radiant look. The Golden Ambience Perfume adds the delicacy of ylang-ylang to you – I sprayed my hemline, my linens and the air around me.

Call (877) FLEURS7 or

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