November/December  2006 



by Marilyn Green


So few things are wickedly wonderful and good for you at the same time, but gloMinerals does it all. You can reinvent yourself while looking perfectly natural with these wonderful cosmetics. And, quoting Jen Guam, makeup artists and gloMinerals’ International Educator, “It’s better for your skin when you wear them than when you go without makeup.

Because these are pure mineral cosmetics, you only need a little to do a lot. Guam cautions that you should use a brush designed for mineral makeup – the company makes one of their own – since conventional brushes pick up more than is necessary or even useful.

For those of us with imperfect skin (and who doesn’t?), there is a gloFace primer that fills in fine lines and leaves a smooth surface to build upon. Far from the clown-like effect of some undercoats and primers, when you use base, powder, blush, etc. it simply looks as though Nature gave you a smooth, perfect skin texture; the compliments come to you rather than your makeup.

Likewise, gloBody bronzer that looks perfectly natural – if it were natural to have a warm, sunkissed glow without having endangered your skin with sunning. I am so white that my nickname in the Virgin Islands, where I used to live, was Fish Belly. If I had had the line’s Body Bronzer then, I could have escaped all that, because this smooth stuff really did give me a glow – not so much a tan, but a golden enhancement that looked as though it could be my natural skin (I wish).

For the face there is gloHighlighter, which puts luminosity on the cheeks, temple, etc. Then there is a concealer, a blemish stick and several formulae for base, all of which miraculously look like you once they are applied. Their liquid satin and matte foundations and pressed base left my skin looking fresh and dewy, and they also make a powder blush, cream blush, bronze and gold dust, eye shadow and eye pencil, not to mention cream eye liner, brow gel lipstick, gloss, volumizing and lengthening mascara, and much more.

The makeup itself goes on beautifully; the colors are luscious and the result is subtle – you simply look good.

But now comes the kicker. These cosmetics are formulated with amtioxidants – Vitamins C,A,K,E and green tea extract. For instance, the gorgeous gloProtective liquid foundation defends against the superoxide radical and repairs damage from UV rays.

Guam says gloMinerals is distinguished from other mineral makeups first by its antiaging properties and also by the range of product categories: liquid, cream, etc. that compares with conventional cosmetics in upscale department stores, with the difference that gloMinerals actually benefit the skin while they make you look gorgeous. One tip: she advises women to be sure the face is very well moisturized before applying the cosmetics. Their gloMoist Hydration mist can be worn under the makeup, although its primary use is to set it.

Then you can have your CAKE and eat it.

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